Intuitive IP and Navlab engages legendary inventor John Cronin and IP Capital to vastly increase patent portfolio in the AR/VR surgical field

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Intuitive IP and NavLab, a surgeon led AR/VR company recently completed an intense 2-day invention session with IP leader John Cronin.  The purpose of the sessions was to significantly improve both the size and the scope of NavLabs IP portfolio and to encapsulate as much of the entire workflow and process of AR/VR in an intra-operative environment.  Beginning with an original application with a priority date of 2015,  the portfolio is now likely to grow to 10-12 filed applications by the end of the month.

This program provides ipCG clients with unique IP Creation Services for invention extraction, creation and documentation, along with world-class IP Valuation, licensing and transaction processes. The ipCapital System Methodology provides for extraction and documentation of inventions, identifying opportunity and risk, driving transactions to completion, and creating significant market value from IP.

About Intuitive IP

Life Science Innovation Company

Intuitive IP is a Seattle based firm created to help inventors transform ideas into products and services that scale into businesses that help patients lead healthier, more productive lives.

We are team of experts in diverse fields that provides individuals and companies a full suite of services from the original incubation and IP strategy, to prototyping and development, to eventual funding and commercialization of their ideas.

Since forming in July of 2016, Intuitive IP has already incubated 8 portfolio companies, filed dozens of patents and helped individuals and start ups with IP, product development, incorporation, business development as well as marketing and general business consulting.

About John Cronin

“John Cronin is Managing Director and Chairman of ipCapital Group, Inc. (“ipCG”), an intellectual property consulting firm. Mr. Cronin founded ipCG in 1998.

Mr. Cronin has worked with over 750 companies and approximately 15% of the Fortune 500, hundreds of mid-size companies and hundreds of startups and governmental laboratories. Over the years, he has become a respected thought leader among executives who wish to align business issues with IP and translate strategies into actionable financial results. Mr. Cronin has inspired and trained thousands of engineers and scientists in the best practices of “how to invent.”

Prior to forming ipCG, Mr. Cronin spent over 17 years at IBM and became its top inventor with over 100 patents and 150 patent publications. He created and ran the IBM Patent Factory, which was essential in helping IBM become number one in US patents, and lead the team that contributed to the startup and success of IBM’s licensing program.

Mr. Cronin is also on the Board of Directors of HopTo and Imageware.  He holds a B.S. (E.E.), an M.S. (E.E), and a B.A. degree in Psychology from the University of Vermont. “”

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